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Lookin’ for the g-spot (image from a gif on ladycheeky.com– she has tons of photos/gifs go there it’s great)

Guys!  Remember that time I’m really super funny and said “Tour de Foreskin” and then we went on one?  Let’s do it again with the G-spot because I have the best analogy ever.

Ok, so: remember in Winnie-the-Pooh when Christopher Robin leads an Expedition to the North Pole?  If you don’t that’s ok because there’s a two-sentence summary on Winniepedia (oh my god there’s a Winniepedia).  What the summary and I are both going to tell you is that Christopher Robin leads an Expedition to the North Pole there is an adventure and Roo falls into the river and Pooh gets him out with a really long stick thing and Christoper Robin cheers “Pooh, you did it!  You found the North Pole!” and everyone goes home triumphant.  YES, in fact, the Expedition to the North Pole is EXACTLY like what it’s like to find the G-spot!*

I was confused about the supposed, so-called, “elusive”, G-spot for the longest of whiles, as I’m sure were most of you reading.  Frankly, I was terrified of the G-spot the first time I heard of it.  The G-spot was my Heffalump.   It seemed far too powerful and scary and of nebulous shape, too much so to be actually part of this world without making me feel uncomfortable.  Then I started having sex and kind of forgot about it, which was probably the best thing to do if you want to actually “find” it, which is what we are going to do now.


An Expedition to the G-Spot is like the Expedition to the North Pole: we ultimately need to choose to declare we have found the G-spot, which will be what we expect the G-spot to be, whether or not it’s actually the actual-actual G-spot.  Let’s look at some maps. 

A typical side-view of “finding the location of the G-spot”

A way more helpful angled view of “finding the location of the G-spot”

Yikes, my maps are big today.  Anyways, the G-spot is approximately right somewhere around an inch or a few inches inside a female body and right around part of the urethra, which typically sex advice media says one can access by putting pressure on the inside upper part of the vaginal opening, a few inches in, with a finger or two fingers or some other implement.  The skin on the inside of the vaginal wall at that place feels like the outside of a walnut– everything else around it is smooth.  Deborah Sundahl and Cosmo both say that every vagina-owning person has a G-spot and can have G-spot orgasms, but let’s talk about this for a second.

G-spot orgasms, we’re often told, are the choicest of orgasms.  They’re supposed to feel more spacious than clitoral orgasms– more spread out in the body and more release-y, more eyes-fireworks and screaming.  This type of orgasm sounds and is fantastic, but imagine if (or maybe you are!) someone who has tried to stimulate a G-spot time after time and none of this has happened: it can make you feel like something is wrong with you, and/or it can turn any type of sex/masturbation into a goal-oriented activity that will make it even harder to relax and find anything very pleasurable.

I really like Sex Nerd Sandra’s information and advice, and I like her the very mostest in this G-spot video that is 1.5 minutes long so you should have no trouble watching.  She pretty much covers everything: that the body needs to be very aroused before the G-spot will be able to do its thing (if it does), that there are tons of areas in and around the vagina that can feel awesome and this is just one of them, and that some people might not even like the same sensation that they’re being told is supposed to be so pleasurable.  Her advice is to “just poke around and play around in there”, which are orders that we on our Expedition will have no trouble taking!

Sex Nerd Sandra’s advice makes ambiguity and a little skepticism sound like a reasonable and fruitful way to approach the G-spot Expedition, because it accounts for individual experience and takes away any pressure that a vagina-owner might feel.   When Science says that the G-spot might or might not exist, though, I get a little ruffled.  I understand that studies that come up inconclusive could serve to relax those vagina-owners who are worried about not being able to find their G-spot/experience those magical G-spot orgasms, but what they seem to do in reality is stir up the “I have awesome orgasms from my G-spot” base and create an unnecessarily polemic atmosphere in Orgasm Land.  Readers and media summarizers and spin-doctors of all types can use these studies as ways to legitimize and delegitimize certain types of pleasure, which can do a lot of harm.

I know I didn’t mention squirting (which is associated with G-spot orgasms), because I am saving it for another post later this week.  There is to be more porn involved yesss!  Anyways, I hope you guys are all closer to finding the North Pole: this is the part of the Expedition in which I leave you all to your vaginas-of-choice and you “poke and play around in there” and see if anything magic happens.  Maybe this from Lady Cheeky can help:

* Also probably anything that is by nature unknowable.

[EDIT 8/23]:  OMG blame the fact I was ill yesterday I TOTALLY forgot to include Very Important G-spot sex toy pictures and information!  Of COURSE toys can be part of the fun!  Goodvibes.com is again my source for all the goods, and here are some pictures of their best-selling G-spot vibrators/dildos (because wand vibrators and dildos can go inside the vagina!  I wrote all about these lovely items in my post “Vibrators vs. Dildos“).

Some G-spot toys!:

Silky G Waterproof G-spot Vibrator, $24 on goodvibes.com


G-Swirl Smartvibes $84 on goodvibes.com


The Right Spot Vibrating Silicone Dildo, $38 on goodvibes.com (vibrating + dildo– notice the flanged base that makes it strap-on-able)




“The G-Spot: Science Can’t Find It After 60 Years, Study Says”  (with this great line:  “The G-spot is more of a thing like New York City is a thing,”– which I interpret differently than I think the scientist meant it)  http://news.yahoo.com/g-spot-science-cant-60-years-study-says-155202501.html

http://www.isismedia.org/deborah.htm  (Deborah Sundahl)

The Sex Nerd Sandra G-spot video!!  http://vimeo.com/43397565