YAY I am here!!

Had a great day today and met some lovely people (shoutout to Sarah from http://marvelous-darling.com/ — check her out!)


Here is the pin and the goodie bag and my red nails that are only kiiiind of chipping, so that’s exciting.

Today I attended three sessions, and the overarching themes and big takeaways that I gleaned were as follows:

– In the sex-positive community we need to remember to check ourselves in terms of our own judgements and prejudices.  “Sex-positivity” means (very briefly) that we support sexual expression in any manner that is consensual and positive to an individual as long as it isn’t harming anyone.

– “You never know who’s in the bathroom with you” –Jessica Drake.  Wise, wise words.  Also, she was also at Ccon West and I’m so glad she’s back!!

-LANGUAGE.  Language is so important in any context, of course, because words come with baggage and history and we need to be aware of the context the words have for others and not just in our lives.  Words that dismiss or degrade sex workers, like “whore” and “hooker”, are simply not O.K. to use in most cases for most people, because unless you are yourself a sex worker who uses the word in a positive manner or you are reflecting others’ language for positive means (you’ll know if this last one applies to you– if you have to think about it, it probably doesn’t), the words have too much history and baggage to be used in a responsible way.  Casual “dead hooker” jokes, and it makes me sad that we still have to talk about this, are NOT OK.  Nor are other “jokes” about sex workers that I will not repeat on this blog– also, call your friends out if they do this!

I just want to thank/bring attention to everybody that was on a panel that I saw today and everyone who asked great questions and moved along the conversation.  Please check out my twitter @shinysex and see who I’ve been following and RT-ing recently, and the CatalystCon list of speakers!  There are so many incredibly brilliant human beings in DC this weekend– follow along!