A Word on Personal Information

I am a fairly open person and truly thrilled about opportunities to talk candidly about sex and the sex-related.  Since I’m writing from the perspective of a curious person with a lot of questions, time and resources to answer those questions, of course some of my personal experiences are going to shape topics I choose to write about.  Experiences that I’ve heard that other people have had and ideas that come from other media (blogs, books, etc.) are things that I am equally–if not more– curious about exploring.

I’m sharing a lot of myself through this project, but the things I share are all things that I would be comfortable talking about in a sex-related conversation in real life.  There are things that I absolutely would not and will not share, such as information about sex partners.  I would not and will not reference any person or situation that involves any person without their specific consent.  I would not and will not talk about other things I do during the day because this is totally completely separate.

The internet is a risky place to share any personal information.  “I’m writing a blog about sex” is in itself a whole huge chunk of personal information with a lot of connotations.  I’m taking a risk because I know some of you and I don’t know some of you and I’m aware that not everyone is going to agree with things I say or think it is a good idea that I’m even writing what I’m writing.  Writing this blog makes me happy and I hope reading makes you happy and I want us to feel happy and included and safe.  

Email me if you want to talk!

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