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Take off your shirts!  Unhook your bras!*  We’re going to get familiar with nipples!

I especially like the music selection.

In the past month or so, I’ve been looking at SO MANY NIPPLES.  There have been a number of reasons for this, not the least of which because I went to see The Slutcracker in Somerville, MA for the holidays and was dazzled by glittery nipple pasties for the majority of the Nutcracker Suite.  I also was looking at some breast photo galleries, and I ALSO learned how to give breast exams (FEELING nipples!) as part of a thing that I will write about at another time.  Oh, and I went to a YMCA locker room a few times.  You see a lot of things in there, including nipples.

The thing is, it is kind of very difficult for me to look at nipples.  My nipples (I’m talking about my body now, don’t get too used to it) are really, really sensitive, to the point where I cringe to see pictures of erect nipples and of other people doing things to other peoples’ nipples, because my brain involuntarily goes AAAGGGHHH sort of like half a movie theater does when a guy onscreen gets kicked in the balls.  AAAGGGHHH.  HowEVER, I’ve believed for a while that my sensitivity is of the type that could be coaxed to read touch as “pleasure” instead of “danger”, which would be oh so exciting for me and for the poor souls who dive at my nipples and then get a reaction that they were not anticipating (sorry) (also the “diving” is in my head, I don’t think anyone has actually attempted to dive into my nipples).   

But guys!  Nipple stimulation is deemed a common sexual practice by even the Wikipedia gods!  Unscientific surveys show that I am clearly an outlier in this respect, and so all you pretties and handsomes and symmetricals (and asymmetricals– I liiike you) out there probably are not cringers when your nipples are approached and could probably help me out and give me more tips than, say, Men’s “TREAT HER TO A NIPPLE ORGASM” Health.

007b.com is a website that has an ideology that I don't entirely agree with, but it is also the best website I know for finding pictures of average peoples' breasts/nipples.

007b.com is a website that has an ideology that I don’t entirely agree with, but it is also the best website I know for finding pictures of average peoples’ breasts/nipples.

Nipples and sexual response have mostly been studied in those people with breasts, and that’s the kind of nipple I’m talking about.  From fMRI studies we know that nipple stimulation in women activates the same region of the brain as does genital stimulation, so it makes sense in terms of brains/nerves that people find nipple stimulation to be sexy, arousing and even orgasmic.

People can like their nipples to be sucked, stroked, rubbed, licked, pinched, bitten clamped and un-clamped, and everything in between.  Some people like fingertips and some people like palms.  The rule for “porn tongue” with oral sex also applies to nipples: fast, darting movements of the tongue look good on camera, but sometimes people like flatter, softer, slower tongue movement even more.  Some people can get off from/enjoy nipple stimulation on its own, but it’s often combined with genital play of some sort.

There are certainly ways to train non-genital parts of your body to develop sexual response, and if you feel like you’d like to give your nipples a boost with some extra attention, you can try going the Pavlovianesque route by adding touching/licking/stroking of nipples (or, really, any other body part) into your typical masturbation routine or sex routine with a partner.  This can help you associate whatever body part with sexual enjoyment.  I’m going to write a whole separate post on getting in tune with erogenous zones later, but this is one thing that I know to be helpful.  Also, a way to perhaps jump-start the adaptation process, and this is just a suggestion, is to find a really exciting sexy person to have a one-night stand with and then tell them about your project to make X body part a sexy body part and then have lots of fun with that and then never see them again and keep the memory associated with X body part and then it will be sexy forever and ever.  Not going to appeal to everyone, but that strategy has certainly been known to work.  Moooving on.

Let’s look at some breasts together!


Also: need I remind you that all nipples and breasts are to be celebrated in this space?  And that the last thing I want is for you to compare yourselves/others with these photos unless it is in a positive, appreciative manner?  I thought I didn’t.


So the part that sticks out erect is the nipple, and the colored part around it is the areola.  Areolae come in all different colors and sizes!  And most people sprout little hairs on the outside edges!  It’s true.  Don’t ever try to Nair or wax your areolae, please.


Of course it is okay to have breast and nipple preferences.  If everyone went around thinking that everyone else was sexy I would not be at home alone writing on the Internet right now.




Bonus nipple clamps! We’ll talk more about nipple bondage another time.

And here are some photos of nipples being used as a part of partner sex:

from ladycheeky.com!

from ladycheeky.com


Oh, Wikipedia!  You shouldn’t have!

This and the one above are both from Wikipedia.  Wikipedia, you little perv.

ok, these women aren’t having sex but I just liked that this was also on Wikipedia.

it's Kelly Shibari!

it’s Kelly Shibari!  I’ve met her!

Wow!  Nipples in abundance!  It is January and I am BACK and I am sooo happy to be here!  I send you all of my consensual hugs and nipple touches.  Here’s to you for reading, here’s to nipples for existing, here’s to forgetting how to write conclusions, here’s to things middle-school boys used to like to insert into AIM conversations:

(*)(*)      (o)(o)      (O)(O)      (.)(.)

Until next time!

* Unhooking bras with one hand is nice, but am I the only one that thinks that fumbling is way more fun?  Makes me laugh every time.  No need for the smooth moves with this one.

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