About Me, The Enlightened Sexpot!

This is me reading all of the books at once.

Who is this “Enlightened Sexpot”?  Does she think she’s way the smartest?  Does she think she’s the sexiest thing in the whole world ever??  What can she really say that has not been said better by smarter people???

GAH LET ME EXPLAIN, Imaginary Critical Person!

“Enlightened Sexpot” is a pun that might only be funny for me from AP European History because I am a huge dork/don’t even pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about. I love self-improvement projects, and with my day job that gives me a lot of free time I’ve been devoting some serious hourage learning about sex, relationships, and becoming more confident in my sexuality: thus, enlightened sexpotism–if you will– is also a personal goal.  I know many, many people who I consider way more advanced than I am on this subject and one of my projects will be interviews.  I’ll also review all of the books about sex that I can find, link to and talk about media content from some favorite Sex Heroes, and generally address/delve into questions that occur to me about sex, sexuality and some relationship stuff.  This will be a journey, I will definitely learn new things, and I hope you become a reader and talk about sex with me all the time!  Plus, I probably want to interview you.

***please read A Word on Personal Information***

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Email questions, comments, criticism, suggestions to:  theenlightenedsexpot@gmail.com

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